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Last Call / Wolves At Heart Split 7" STRUGG017

Wolves At Heart are the whole reason we started this label, their honest heartfelt and hardworking brand of pop punk has always shone out through the layers of mediocrity that can prevail in any music scene. We sat on these songs for so long - waiting for the right way to get them out and give them the attention they deserve, fortunately due to a long shot email gamble, we made friends with a great band from Nevada called Last Call who happened to be in the position to help us and work with us to release this split.

Since then we've been working back and forth with Last Call and Adam in particular with his great new label Broken Arrow Collective. It's been a long time coming but we're happy to present the Last Call / Wolves At Heart Split 7" in all it's glory.

Last Call:

A - Live Together, Die Alone
B - No Bridge Back

Wolves At Heart:

A - More To Find
B - The Good In Me

Immediate download of Live Together, Die Alone & More To Find with every pre-order.
Plus each order will receive a download code with a bonus track from each band!

Orders will ship on or before March 12th

Pressing Information

200 White
200 Purple
100 Purple Clear White Spatter