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Shook Ones / Death Is Not Glamorous Split 7" STRUGG017

This has been a long time coming, but like most thinks that take a long time, it's well worth the wait. Shook Ones are one of our all time favourite bands, hailing from Seattle they play the kind of pop punk/hardcore blend made famous by the likes of Kid Dynamite & Lifetime, with their own unique spin on the sound, the lyrics and the way the play - the two songs on this 7" are some of their best.

Flip this sucker over and you've got two equally awesome songs from Norway's Death Is Not Glamorous, another fast paced, yet melodic punk band, and a firm favourite in Europe & the US, it's well worth diving into their back catalogue.

Not only are we able to bring you these two incredible bands, but we're also amazingly stoked to be working with Boston label, Run For Cover Records, who are the best label in the world right now for this type of music, from indie rock, to pop punk, emo and everything in between, RFC are killing it right now and they've got their own colour variations for you to collect!

A - Shook Ones
Listen When The Commodore Speaks
B - Death Is Not Glamorous
Dear Friends

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500 Blue records (UK Euro exclusive colour/cover)
50 Shirts