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Anna's Anchor - Nautical Miles LP STRUGG042AA

'Honest music for honest people' - is a pretty accurate depiction of Anna's Anchor

Marty Ryan, the lovely Irishman behind the songs, is a genuine, hardworking person whose heartfelt lyrics and accomplished songwriting take you on a trip into his world of experience. He's put in the miles himself, travelling around Ireland, the UK & Europe playing his brand of emo-tinged acoustic rock. This album 'Nautical Miles' sees him employ a full back up band of instrumentation and builds a few extra layers onto his already intimate and emotive songs.

The LP is released on Struggletown Records in the UK and Never Meant in Ireland.

Track listing:
1. Hampton
2. Do You?
3. Big Sky State
4. House is Full
5. Intralude
6. Signal Tower
7 Everyone's Deserving
8 No Place for A Queen
9 Discussion
10 Conclusion

Pressing Information

300 total
100 x Nautical Blue
200 x Cream