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Boketto Photo Zine - Shaun Murawski PHZINE01

Shaun Murawski is a longtime collaborator with Struggletown, and I have been on his case to release a publication of some of his photographs for a while now. His work is on the cover of The Sinking Feeling - Ugly/Old Friends 12" and the flinch. - Enough is Enough LP. Shaun has also been in attendance at a thousand shows, taken photos of key moments in the history of the label, and generally been a supporter and advocate of what we've done for the past 10 years.

Boketto is an A5, 32-page zine, containing 16 portraits that have been collected over a long period of time. The unifying factor of these portraits is that the subjects are all 'gazing vacantly into the distance, thinking about nothing in particular.' Subjects include members of the local music scene, familiar faces, and strangers alike all comfortably lost in screen-saver mode. Shaun shoots these moments candidly, catching glimpses of peaceful and harmonious human moments that are often taken for granted.

Find more of Shaun's work on instagram @shaunmurawski or at

Struggletown is a not-for-profit project, which will use all funds from the sales of this zine to fund future releases and publications.

Pressing Information

First run - 70 copies
Digital print on high quality uncoated paper.