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Slingshot Dakota, Petal & Chrissy Barnacle
May 9th, 2017 @ 08:00 PM

The Hug & Pint (Map)
171 Great Western Road
Glasgow, g4 9aw
United Kingdom

Two amazing bands from Pennsylvania!

Slingshot Dakota are a two-piece who take keyboard, vocals and drums and make LOUD indie-pop-rock with it. We've seen them a few times in Glasgow and they are absolutely gonna tear the roof off. Their latest 7" 'Broken' is out now on Topshelf Records & Specialist Subject Records in the UK features two tracks that couldn't quite fit on their last full length 'Break'.

Listen to 'Grudge' from the new 7" here: click this link

Petal is the project of Kiley Lotz, who has collaborated with Ben & Brianna of Tigers Jaw as well as other members of well-known indie bands from the Philadelphia area. Her brand of heartfelt indie-rock has landed her a spot on popular Boston label Run For Cover Records.

Listen to 'Scout' here: click this link

One amazing solo artist from Glasgow!

Chrissy Barnacle is a singer-songwriter hailing from the grimey shores of the Clyde whose yearning and often fantastical lyrics are brimming with turmoil and optimism. Her honest and forthright lyrics are backed up with life-stories that let you know we're dealing with an autobiographical look at Chrissy's often tumultuous emotional life, whilst her amazing guitar playing backs up these journeys into her psyche with folk-punk aplomb.

Listen to 'To Speak EP' here: click this link

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