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flinch. - Enough is Enough (limited edition LP)

This record is fantastic! Filled with stripped-down indie-pop with wistful and melodic vocals that simultaneously haunt and inspire hope. Beth Black's solo project takes influence from the bands she's been involved in for the past 6 years; Slowlight, Benjamin Blue, Grave Matthews and 10am, but takes a new turn. These songs showcase Beth's vocal talents better than any of the other projects so far, with similarities to draw between Scottish indie legends Camera Obscura and more recently Petal or Pheobe Bridgers.

Beth has self-funded this release and worked on every aspect of it, in true DIY style. Orders from us will include an exclusive Struggletown cover/poster variant (A3 print). Pre-orders come with an instant download of the full album, this is the only way to hear it before the release date.

Orders will ship as soon as records arrive - estimated delivery March 2021

Listen to a conversation with Beth on the Struggletown Community Council Podcast here.

Pressing Information

Splatter pink, yellow, red /300 (self released by flinch.)


  1. Staring At The Broken Cornicing on Your Ceiling
  2. Escape From Rupture Farms
  3. February
  4. If It Worked Out For Michael Scott, It ll Probably Work Out For Me
  5. I'm Sorry I Puked On You In That Rented Car
  6. How Do You Do It
  7. Looks Like You ve Also Got A Type
  8. Thanks Ophelia
  9. Just Because She Likes The Same Bizzarro Crap You Do, That Doesn't Make Her Your Soulmate Tom
  10. Your Skin Is Your Largest Organ
  11. I Said You Could Have This But I've Taken It Back