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I Feel Visited - Shaun Murawski (Photo Zine) PHZINE02

This 40-page zine includes a series of photographs that span the year that has passed since we released Shaun's first collection. In contrast to his previous release - Boketto, the people you will find in these shots are far from front and centre, but they do seem just as lost.

I Feel Visited offers a glimpse into a world coloured by grief, these foggy landscapes and abstracted scenes are not merely metaphorical, these shots show a process of, searching for and finding colour, albeit faded. With almost twice the images as presented in its predecessor, I Feel Visited offers an open-ended view of Shaun's world, including older shots that reflect the same tone and approach. Two short pieces of writing accompany the work, providing context for the cinematic, yet painterly images.

A perfect accompaniment to reflect on a seemingly endless period of time that has us all grieving and feeling slightly more lost than usual, with the understanding that through colour, we can find something worth looking for.

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Edition of 100