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!ATTENTION! - S/T Album (LP)

My relationship with !ATTENTION! in particular, their singer Glenn Barrington is so closely connected to the story of Struggletown and how the label evolved it's impossible to separate them. This self-title albun is a culmination of years on the road, an archetypal DIY band story. Dysfunctional friends who got together as often as they could to make music in tiny crowded rooms across North America, gained a massive amount of respect among their peers and fought tooth and nail to put out a record that summed up their collective experiences. Grab a copy and listen to Glenn's gruff vocals, combined with fast-paced skate-punk rhythms, overdriven, hook-laden riffs, and feel like you're right there in the van with them.

Listen here: !ATTENTION! bandcamp

Pressing Information

I can't remember.
Struggletown Records (UK) -
Coffee Doped Records (EU) -
My Fingers! My Brain! Records (CA) -
Tour Van Records (USA) -
Must Be Nice Records (CA) -