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Min Diesel

Aberdeen odd indie rock chaps

It's always encouraging to meet people who do things the way they want to do them, because they really don't see any reason to be a different way about it. There's no pretense or falseness with Min Diesel. I believe that a steady diet of Archers of Loaf, Pavement and all the weirdo indie rock and punk they could get their hands in the cold northern city of Aberdeen on led these three men to the sound they now possess. Their rhythms are both intricate and forthright, the guitar harmonies shift between sweetness and discomfort, just like all those great bands did in the 90's and the best thing about it all is that it seems practically effortless. A few songs into a Min Diesel set and you'll be swept up in their relaxed charm, I watched them play a set which started 20 minutes before their bass player had to leave for a train and it barely even caused the trio to break into a sweat. Min Diesel really are a fantastic band who deserve to be a cult sensation.


Vinyl: Mince LP - Buy Now
(STRUGG036) - co released with Cool Yr Jets & AlbTwo Records