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Struggletown is a not for profit DIY label based in Glasgow, Scotland

This means that we help to release music and other cultural artifacts that we enjoy, and all of the money made from what we sell goes back into making more. We've been around since 2011.

No one has ever taken a cut or a wage from this.

There are a few reasons why we operate in this way:

1. We want to support bands, musicians, and artists as much as possible, and cutting out a portion of the limited funds we have would make it more difficult to do so.

2. The profit margins that exist on the level of release that we are working on are minimal at best anyway, so it's pretty pointless to dip into that.

3. We find it more fulfilling to run this label on a non-profit system as it drives us to work hard, but doesn't provide us with pressure to make a living and enables us to keep the ethos of the whole thing intact.