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Struggletown - A selected visual history 2011-2021 PHZINE02

To celebrate 10 years of Struggletown, we have put together this 'coffee table' zine with 72 full colour, digital pages and over 130 photos, flyers, covers, graphics and more chosen from the past decade.

Since the label began, we've been lucky enough to give a platform to hundreds of amazing bands, releasing records, distro-ing other labels, putting on shows and designing merch and record covers for countless others. This zine could never hope to cover every awesome thing we got to be part of, but it's a great slice of the community that grew around our DIY label in Glasgow.

Photos by: John Farrell, Shaun Murawski, Neil Jarvie, Kashif Saghar, Keir O'Donnell, Christina Riley, Calum McMillan, Julia Steiner, Aimee Young, Flo, David Tan & In The Woods.

Bands include: Wolves At Heart, Carnivores, Thin Privilege, Koji, Prevenge, Bad Luck, Into It. Over It., The Great Albatross, Slowlight, Carson Wells, No Island, Bear Arms, Veto., Nai Harvest, Prawn, football, etc, Drug Church, Ratboys, Flakes & Chrissy Barnacle.

There are very few words, aside from a huge list of bands, venues, labels and names that was a terrible idea and I am sorry if I missed you out.

All profits will go towards a DIY show or two once it's safe to do so - supporting bands and venues as we start to work out how to rebuild our music scene in a post-COVID world.

If you would like to look through the zine, but don't have the funds to buy one - email and I will send you a digital link.

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100 copies - 72 pages - full colour - digital print