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Jul 28th, 2018 @ 02:00 PM

Audio (Map)
14 Midland Street
Glasgow, G1 4PP
United Kingdom

One more all day punk/emo/hardcore/indie-fest

It's time to call it a day for STRUGGLETOWN, from putting out records, to putting on shows, it really has been an incredible time. I have been super lucky to have met all the people I met through this venture and it would not be fair to go out without one last big show. I have pulled together this lineup, featuring as many of my favourite bands as I could get ahold of.

CARSON WELLS - Aberdeen melodic/harshness/intricacy/emotion
NO ISLAND - Glasgow's best hardcore band back for one nite only!
WOLVES AT HEART - Pop punk greatness
BEAR ARMS - Emotive alt-rock heroes
JUTLAND SONGS - Indie pop rock from scene royalty
ANNAS ANCHOR (ire) - Indie rock goodness from Limerick
CHRISSY BARNACLE - Introverted and intense folk-pop about love and rats
FLAKES - Tru emo sadbois
TRAGICAL HISTORY TOUR - Gruff acoustic punk from Dundee's finest
PAPER RIFLES - Anthemic punk rock that lives in Edinburgh
SCALP - Post punk/ post hardcore weirdness and goodness
+ maybe one more...

The day will be split into four sections with brief breaks in between so people can rest and the sound guy can get a drink and a bite to eat.

There will be other cool stuff going on, please keep an eye out.

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